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See you soon, Jose

Camila Goytacaz's book is a touching and sensitive narrative about the pain of the loss and also being hopefull again

The journalist Camila Goytacaz started writing a journal when she was pregnant with her  second child, José, who was born in the beginning of March, 2011 and lived only 12 days. After the loss, Camila kept on writing her journal and decided to turn it into a book as a way of paying a tribute  to the beloved José and givingn meaning to his brief staying here. Camila make us think of so many things – love, missing, purpose, the grieving process, life, death, restart – that certainly this is a book that can help not only other dads who lost their kids so soon but also, to be an inspiration to all of us.

I got to know Camila’s book in the end of 2014, during a finnancing campaign that she promoted in order to make the book feasable, at the same period we were launching the project ‘Let’s talk about grieving?’. ‘See you soon, José’ another campaign, was very successful and after some months the book came to my house with some good news. Camila is an excellent writer and the graphic design  is beautiful, with lovely tsurus illustrating pages and a marker. Since then, I follow Camila’s steps and feel very glad with her achievements. The last achievement is her book beign sold at Cultura bookstore, besides beign sold through her website also. Here is a passage of the book:

The silence

Silence has begun since the day he was born

We waited for many hours with baby crying

Only silence              

And it kept on increasing. To break the silence thta disturbs me, I press play and listen to the same cd  inside the player for months.

It doesn’t make difference.

It hurts to be standing still, so I walk in the house with a cup of tea and my tears.

I don’t want to keep my pain in the closet, I want to wear it.

I want to look at the pain in the eye. I go out to the street, noisy avenue, silently, nobody notices.

My silence is just like everybody who is getting into the subway’s. When people look at me, no one can tell I am going through the most intense, difficult and transforming experience of life someone can go through.

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