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The ones we love are always inside us

This is the first post of the series "How I feel". Feelings, experiences and common thoughts among those who have been through a grieving process already, beautifully ilustrated by the artist Marina Papi

We will never forget who is gone: they need to have a place in the world even being dead – because they still live inside us. And each one will descover how to build  this new relationship. There are people who love to remember and talk about their son, mother or a friend who passed away. Others prefer to keep memories in silence, in their thoughts or memories and dreams.

Every way is ok and valid but what is very clear to us, after listening to so many stories, is that the presence of that love that is gone before us will remain somewhere. There are moments in which the bereaved one is afraid of forgeting: “what if I don’t remembre my father’s voice anymore? his smell, his way, his hug?”.  But the truth is that he or she will only die when there is nobodyelse here in this world who can remember him or her. Untill then, the ones whe love will be alive forever inside us.

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