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Death: Unauthorized Biography

Fernando Porto, journalist, publishes a book that brings a holistic perspective of death

“There’s no end of life because the way is eternal”. That’s what the people who were interviewed for the book – “Morte: Biografia não autorizada” (Death: Non authorized biography) – written by the writer, journalist and holistic therapist Fernando Porto, think.

Monja Coen, Michel Schlesinger Rabi, Ricardo Bianca, Rubens Saraceni, Mãe Silvia de Oxalá among other doctors and researchers were invited to expose their points of view on death and after death.

Is death really the end of existence? This is the issue that the author approaches with his interesting and profound interviews with these researchers who certainly face this matter in a less threatening way. This way, Fernando Porto invites the reader to have a more holistic perspective of a subject that still gives us chills and brings lots of doubts. And who knows, open people’s minds and bring the idea that death is just a new phase of life.

Launch: April 6, 7:00pm

Place: Martins Fontes Bookstore,  1742, Alameda Jaú – São Paulo/SP

Image: Divulgation
Death: Non authorized Biography – Fernando Porto EDISAW – Publisher