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I see the world from another place

Feeling a "fish out of water" is just one more common reaction we have identified along the research

Death messes everything up and the period that follows, the grieving process is strange, intense, and unstable. As if someone had opened a new door without telling us in advance what we would find on the other side. Experiences, thoughts and feelings unpublished hit you. The world seems strange and you don`t recognize yourself. “Who am I? Why do I feel so distant? How come what was so important to me before makes so little difference now? Or why do I think about things that didn`t come to mind before? ”

Feeling displaced every day, like floating along, disperse, is normal. And sometimes it’s transforming. Many people told us that being close to death and to grieving made, them rethink life. “I am somebody else person” and “that day, someone I didn’t know was born” were phrases that were repeated during the research process that we conducted early in the project. So, meeting people who “have been there” tend to bring comfort and understanding.

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