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Warning: fragile

When we are going through a grieving process, many times we feel vulnerable and fragile. Be patient with yourself or with a friend who goes through this

The grieving process is full of ups and downs, comings and goings. A real emotional roller coaster where a fragile heart, bruised, deserves the utmost attention and care. During the research process, many people listen to how they felt more sensitive than usual.

A song on the radio and it reminds you of your child; a smell of your mother`s favorite foods that makes you travel back in time; a trivial comment of a friend, such as “I hate it when my dad does it”, which reminds you that you don`t have a present father anymore- and how lucky your friend is. Or small daily frustrations that become the last drop that overflows the glass already filled with emotions and take you to anger or tears. It is common, it is usual, and we need to be calm. You are living a very intense process of adapting to a new reality … perhaps it is too much to expect for consistency. Patience, rather, is what you should get from friends and relatives, and especially yourself.


 Illustration created by Marina Papi for Let's talk about grieving?

Illustration created by Marina Papi for Let’s talk about grieving?