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Missing is love that goes on

It is possible to transform pain in missing. Missing is love that goes on.

Missing is a paradox: at the same time that it breaks our heart, it fills it with love. When we miss someone who is gone, we automatically go through moments, feelings and sensations again. Through missing we access the past and also a future that never took place.

In the beginning, missing brings a lot f pain. It really breaks our heart and hurts deep inside. As time goes by though, it is possible to look at it with more attention and gratitude. We start to  separate pain from missing.

We start to learn that missing is our connection with the one who is not here physically anymore. We understand that missing is feeling all the love and that it will never leave us.

“Missing is love that goes on”. This sentence came up in one of the videos talks and it touched many hearts than we decided to turn it into a beautiful illustration.

Marina Papi Illustration for ‘Let’s talk about grieving?’
Marina Papi Illustration for ‘Let’s talk about grieving?’