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For when I’m gone

Get to know a beautiful story about the early separation of a father and a son and the unexpected connection between them right after leaving.

“Bringing a shoe box under the arms, a nurse came in order to comfort me. Inside it, dozens of sealed envelopes with written phrases where the names of the recipients should be. In between tears and sobs I couldn’t understand clearly what was happening. And then the same nurse handed me a letter. The only one outside the box.”

“‘Your father asked me to deliver this personally and ask you to open.
He spent the whole week writing all this and said it was for you. Be
strong.” said the nurse with a hug.

“FOR WHEN I’M GONE” said the envelope that she handed me. I opened it.


Rafael Zoehler * reveals the contents of the envelope in a beautiful story written by him through a Medium. This text touched many people and it was shared massively on social networks a while ago. It has to do with the project, a beautiful reading that brings light and proposes a reflection on the end of life and the eternal bond that is established with those we love.

If I speak more I will spoil it. It worth reading.

* Rafael Zoehler was born in Porto Alegre, lived most of life in Manaus and now lives in São Paulo. He studied engineering, but works with advertising. The text is a fictional story.