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Good news for the mother’s day

The Mother's Day can be sad and difficult for those who no longer have their mothers around or mothers who have lost a child. In an attempt to look at the date in another way, we invited some women to give good news to their mothers or children who are gone in the week of Mother's Day.

unsplash / Olia Gozha

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas … dates are collectively celebrated without much questioning, until we lose someone, a beloved one and it makes us feel differently about that day. We know that the first ‘Mother’s Day’ can be very difficult for those no longer have their mothers close by or for mothers who have lost a son or daughter. But also the time (always him!) can bring new feelings as the years go by. Trying to look at the date from a different perspective, we invited some women to answer the following question:

If you could give good news to your mother or a son who is gone, what would you say?

Check out the answers below.

If you like the idea, write to your mother or your child, make your honor, change this day. And if you desire, share this with friends on social networks and use the hashtag #umaboanotícia so that we can read it too.

Happy Mothers Day!


What the girls have to say to their mothers:

Dear Mom: I haven’t had children, I haven’t financed an apartment, I didn’t go to MBA or Doctorate and didn’t win percentages in the profits of any company, I wasn’t a millionaire before 30. I didn’t win medals or paid a wedding party at 12 installemnts. I didn’t buy a labrador or an off road car or a bigger TV.  I haven’t yet written a book or planted trees. The courage and freedom planted by you in me germinated other fruits. I decided to take the dreams off the drawer and go aginst all odds. My house is my backpack and the whole world is now my home. Today I have seen a shooting star in the sky. It was you making me cuddle and whispering, “don’t forget to be happy.” The best news is: I’m on the way. Right or wrong, whatever. After all, “Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar”. See you soon! P.S: I brought with me your favorite silk scarf to make feel your affection! Be ok, all the pain has become longing. In all joy there is still a little sadness, but even in my tears I  can find happiness already.

Julia, Suely’s daughter


Hi Mom! There is so much I wanted to tell you that I do not know. But today I’m going straight to the most important of all. We received the news last weekend that Victoria will be  a Mom, my first nephew and your first grandchild – can you imagine the excitement around here? There was some arguing of course, because she is only 14, but the love that this pregnancy has brought does not fit me. Don’t worry mom, I will continue taking care of your children, my beautiful grandmother and as you told me, I will still lotake care of me! I love you and I miss you as much as I love you. A big kiss Rossyclé, and Grandma congratulations.

Veruska, Rossyclé’s daughter


I never believed in coincidences, I feel that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason and are tools for our growth. And usually what lift us from the ground are the ones that teach us the most. Life tooka mother away from me whenI was born and gave me a mother two days later, a mother gave birth to me and the other supported me, gave me affection, love and formation.  For their greatness I am what I am today. My biological mother has always been an incomplete picture in my mind and she just happened to have shape, face and history after her death. And what a story! I feel that much of what I became today are reflections of overcome our traumas and without the daily maternal support all this would not be possible. One taught me to always be grateful for the other and I think the other would also be grateful to know that I was supported. Today this feeling of gratitude

expands through an embrace of sisters, aunts, affection of friends and daughters kisses. In this commemorative day I would like to honor all the people who fit into the role of mother with the greatness of soul that only this love provides.

Marianna, daughter of Malu and generated by E.


My biological mother always Mommy, I would like you to know that dad is carrying on with your plans, he got to do what you have always wanted, to move to Piaui. He got courage and went, I miss him a lot but I am happy for him. It was great to visit him and to see how happy he is! Things are coming into place and little by little everything will be ok especially with the arrival of Rafael, your grandson and Tiago’s son.Thank you for everything! I love you!

Karina, Maria de Fátima’s daughter.


Mother, I have so many good things to tell you and I think that only this would be great news.

But the truth is that I invited the other girls to write this post because of something that happened to me recently – so I need to tell here ;). You know that I was never very interested in sports, but just over two months ago I started running. Little by little, close to my house … and, guess what?! I started to like it very much. So I decided to enter a race website to find out when would be the next street race in Rio. It was when I saw that on Mother’s Day – a day that I started to feel sad, annoying and then finally I adopted a blasé attitude about  it – there will be a race here. And I go there, mother,
for me, for you, and to make this Mother’s Day  more beautiful. You deserve it, and in your honor I always try to be happy. Happy Mothers Day!

Mariane, Rachel’s daughter


And now, with the word, mothers:

Lolo, my beloved son. Mom comes here today to give you good news. Do you remember
Mom thought she would not stand our physical separation? Remember how much pain
Mom dropped through the eyes and the cries of her soul? Yeah. Today Mom has to tell you that
she can already look ahead, to have dreams, to find reasons to get up the next day. Not that
I have even forgotten or overcome our separation. None of that! It’s just that when I think of
you my heart is filled with desires./ I want to hold you, sit down to talk, run on the grass, fly a kite, hear your voice … and Mom believes that all this will be possible if she deserves. I have to think like that … only like that I can find use for my days, for my life! Have you ever thought the joy it would be? I know that we will meet any time soon and I want you to be proud of chosing me to be your mother.
I want to be your best present, as you are and will always be for me. I love you!

Telma, Lorenzo’s mother


Speaking of Love: no words describe my love for you. It is such an intense and large love that even if I had two hearts, it would still not be enough to save so much love. The news is that I learned to be brave and do things that not even I believe I could do and certainly you would be proud. Talking about your importance in my life, is totally unnecessary, because now you know that. We have lived

happy and cheerful moments. We had our fights. How often did I tease you, but I think
you understand my way of loving and so it was my mother’s love. You were always so loving
and I had my difficulties to express what I felt. Today I know that the love I had added to the love you left,  turned into such a great and intense love, through this mother’s unconditional love I found a new meaning to my life. Simone: You are a very dear  daughter, very loved and very special. I always thank God for the wonderful daughter that you always were, by the time we spent together and for choosing me to be your mother, I feel very honored to be your mother. You left much light and love. You live in my heart, occupy my thoughts and it will be like this forever.

Ivone, Simone’s mother


Since you left, Iel, all parties here at home are yours. The Mother’s Day, for me, it became the day to be your mother. It is a day of great nostalgia but also a lot of joy. I wake up thinking of you and, like a child looking for a gift under the tree, I seek the small miracles of the day. They come in a message you wrote in a forgotten book, a new photo that someone finds in a drawer, an unexpected flower that comes from some unlikely places. The day to be your mother has to be happy as you always were, laughing and noisy as you, with everyone talking loudly and at the same time around the table. Your brothers hug me your hugs, kiss me your kisses. The whole family, with grandparents, parents, uncles and cousins, bring a little of you in the heart. And the day to be Gabriel’s mother is not absence, but your eternal presence in our lives.

Cynthia, Gabriel’s mother


Paulo, my son, the news that I would give you is about your son, Rodrigo. In his 5 years old, he is the most beloved kid on the block. Funny, loving and intelligent, Ro is a happy kid. You are always present to him with your personality, your memories, your love for him and your ideas. You’re with me every day and so you will be in the next Mother’s Day. I love you forever Paulao.

Rita, Paulo’s mother