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When nothing seems to make sense

What happens when we get the news that simply turns our world upside down? Sometimes the lack of sense seems to make more sense.


“It may be the end of a relationship the news about someone close who is very sick, an eviction note, a resignation letter, injustice, the news about someone who passed away. For some minutes, hours or days, depending on how deep we go, it is just like a movie in a language that we don’t know with subtitles in another unknown language. We get numb and paralyzed, our minds get lost, thinking of everything that led to that moment and, of course, what is yet to come, no matter if it is real or just part of our imagination. And then we get attached to that past and that future because our crazy thoughts seem to be the only reasonable thing at that time.”

In the 2013 post, published on the Sakamoto blog / UOL, journalist Leonardo
Sakamoto * talks about the change of perspective we go through
when we are faced with losing someone dear. An experience that can
last for hours, days, months…. but that is inevitable for the elaboration of the loss.
As the author says, covering the wounds doesn’t make them
heal. You have to pay attention to time and understand the process so that
a possible growth emerges from pain. Read more here.

*Leonardo Sakamoto is a journalist and doctor in Political Sciences by the University of São Paulo. He covered conflicts in many countries and the disrespect to Human Rights in Brazil. Journalism Professor at PUC-SP and guest researcher at the New School Political Department, in Nova York, Repórter Brasil NGO Director and Advisor at UN Voluntary Fund for Contemporary Forms of Slavery.