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3 sensitive movies about losses and grieving

The psychologist Teresa Vera de Sousa Gouvea, grieving specialist, has a great list of movies in her website "Laços e lutos". We asked and she chose 3 special movies that she recommends for the ones who go through the pain of a loss.

By Teresa Gouvea

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THE SON’S ROOM (La stanza del figlio)

Direction: Nanni Moretti

“The son’s room” brings the grieving process of the parents after the loss of their son. The attempt to retrace the last steps of those who pass away in order to explain and understand the goodbyes that happen despite of the dreams that have not been fulfilled yet, shaking the presumed world of those who believed they were passing away before. The obstacles to maintain a routine before the pain and the discovery of this child after his passing. Sensitive and delicate!

Summary: Giovanni (Nanni Moretti) is a psychoanalyst who lives and works in the city of Ancona, Italy. He is married to Paola (Laura Morante) and has two children: a girl Irene (Jasmine Trinca) and the young one Andrea (Giuseppe Sanfelice). His quiet life unfolds, divided between the family and the office until a tragedy shakes everything up completely. To answer the urgent call from a patient, Giovanni doesn’t go with his child to the beach and in this tour, the boy drowned. The family, of course, resents deeply about the death and Giovanni suffers a strong sense of remorse, despite the support of his wife.

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Direction: Mike Binder

“Reign over me” is a movie to be seen with the heart. The loneliness of a man after the loss of his wife and children. Reports the paths to approach someone after a disaster in which people who live inside us, disappear from our lives. It reflects on the tendency to judge the grieving experiences, our rights and wrongs and the importance of welcoming. Food for thought!

Summary: A man who lost his entire family in New York during the terrorist attacks of September 11 meets an old school friend. Resuming a great friendship from the past seems to be the only thing that can help you recover from the huge suffering he feels.

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Direction: Krzysztof Kieslowski

After the loss of her husband and daughter, the character carries a blue lamp as a memory of her history. She tries to forget the family devastation. In the face of loss she tries to test a life that does not fit anyone. This film is about pain, inability to forget our history and the need to go on despite the goodbyes.

Summary: After a tragic accident that killed the husband and the daughter of a famous model (Juliette Binoche), she decides to give up her own life. After a failed suicide attempt, she gets interested in life again in order to get involved with an unfinished work of her husband, who was an internationally renowned musician.

* Teresa Vera de Sousa Gouvea is a psychologist specialized in grieving and Family/couple therapy, author of “Laços e lutos” and also the site  and page with the same name. Teresa recommends more than  50 movies in her website.