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“Airplanes depart for dreams”

When a tragedy happens, not all the noise helps. But it is from there, too, that sparks of solidarity and hope can arise. Here is "Let's talk about grieving" tribute to this team of warriors, their families, fans and friends

Yesterday we woke up with sad news. And when a tragedy happens, not all the noise helps. Words don’t matter much. Yesterday we dedicated our silence and our prayers to the families of the passengers.

But the tragedy that shocked everyone this week, the plane crash with the Chapecoense team, also brought a different atmosphere, of unity and sympathy. On social networks, on TV and on many websites the hashtag #forçachape (#gochape) marked the internet and the hearts with messages of hope and affection.

The team had been infecting Brazil with their courage, far beyond the city of Chapecó, in Santa Catarina, victory after victory. After the accident, it joined historic opponents such as Santos, Corinthians, Sao Paulo and Palmeiras in their messages of sympathy, and many other clubs that requested, for example, that the team is not demoted in the next editions of the Brazilian Championship, in addition to launching a manifesto which provides for a free lending of athletes to the team next season, as Brazil Post reported.

Not everything is pain: grief can transcend, little by little, into hope and love. “Airplanes depart for dreams,” recalled singer and writer Felipe Sandrin from Florianópolis in a post on his Facebook page. Today we feel like sharing this beautiful text to pay tribute to this team of warriors.

Next week we will return to the subject. It’s when the noise ends that those who need the most must get support and love.

#forçachape (#gochape)!

Image: Márcio Cunha/ Reprodução site Chapecoense

When a plane falls we fall together. An airplane transports more than lives, it carries dreams. It is a father who is going to meet his children, a mother who is going to get the support of her family, pilots who plan to be home for dinner and a flight attendant who carries in her luggage, the boyfriend’s favorite perfume.

When a plane falls we fall together. How many of us have seen dreams beginning inside an airplane. The long-awaited trip, the signing of a contract, meeting someone we dream of being together.

Airplanes depart towards dreams, and that was what also fit in this tragic flight that almost reached its destination. Players who represented the dream of the boy who wants to be a player, players who represented their relatives, their fans.

When a plane falls we all fall together. Dreams die, people who will no longer see each other, new feelings of longing that will not be overcome and that from then on will only grow and become a hole with those who have never arrived.

When a plane crashes the pain is shared, because we are all fans, we cheer for the ones we love, we hope we can hug, we cheer, because nobody dreams alone.

Today this humble team from Santa Catarina has the biggest crowd in the world, because when dreams fall from the sky, sympathy is the only shirt we all wear, because this is the only shirt that comforts us at this moment.

Here is my hug and sincere pain to family and fans of this sad flight. The rest is silence.

Felipe Sandrin