Esse projeto é um convite para quebrar o tabu. Um canal de inspiração e de informação para quem vive o luto e para quem deseja ajudar

We need to shine a light

After some time, people who love us will go on with their lives and it is up to us to look for some light

As we began the Project, we understood that one of the first complaints of the bereaved ones was people’s lack of patience with her process of pain. We have heard several reports from the ones who felt under pressure to “be better” soon. And that’s why, we constantly bring wishes of more compassion and patience for our talks here in this website. However this doesn’t mean we are giving up but it means freedom so each one can follow a personal rhythm and strategy.

‘We need to shine a light’ comes not as an imposition, but as a calling so that each one looks for things that make sense in order to go on. We have heard several times that, after the first days or weeks of full attention from family and friends, there comes a moment in which you face great silence and need to take care of yourself more than being taken care of. How can you help yourself? Even having friends, love, therapists, the grieving process is an internal elaboration, individual and personal. Standing up, taking care of yourself, asking for help, not giving up f your life, your future, trying, falling and standing up again; that is the best you can do for yourself. Acts of love and courage that will be repaid soon. Keep going!

Marina Papi Illustration for 'Let’s talk about grieving?'
Marina Papi Illustration for ‘Let’s talk about grieving?’